Korecall Digital Phone Recorder Standalone Telephone Recording  8 GB

Korecall Digital Phone Recorder Standalone Telephone Recording 8 GB

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  • The Korecall Standalone Call Recorders use powerful technology to deliver a superb quality call recording without the need of computer at ground breaking prices.

    Korecall Standalone Call Recorder is ideal for all types of phones. The Korecall device allows the user to connect phone line in parallel with recorder and record phone calls automatically to SD card. The system is fully automatic and functions like browse, playback can be operated directly from device.

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    Korecall 1 Line Standalone Recorder Features:


    • Device comes with 8GB SD card thus allow upto 576 hours of crystal clear recording.
    • The recorder supports upto 32GB of memory card.
    • Manage and Backupt recording by connecting recorder using USB cable with PC.



    • Works with all corded phones.
    • Works with base units of cordless phones.
    • Connect Analog extension of any EPABX.
    • Connect coil cord of digital or walky phone to record audio of call.
    • 2 Minute install, easy to use and very efficient.


    • Connect Power supply to turn on. Fully automatic. No Setup required.
    • Simply turn off the power supply to stop recording calls.
    • Simple Interface. Blue LCD Display. Realtime Status Update.

    Recording / Playback / Backup:

    • Listen to recordings through inbuilt High quality speakers or by transfering file to mobile or pc.
    • Automatically logs time date stamps with Caller ID number to recorded files. So easy to navigate through recordings.
    • Mange and backup recorded files to any PC using USB cable.
    • Audible alert of memory full from recorder.
    • Call recording management software included to view in PC.

    Korecall Benefits (for Personal and Business)

    • Real proof at your fingertips.
    • Save recordings to PC, CD, LAN or FTP Site
    • Easy Plug 'n' Play Call recording solution
    • Recording phone calls can assist your business operations by
    • Helping you monitor customer service quality and implementing appropriate training programs.
    • Allowing you to verify details of orders and conversations.
    • Recording telephone interviews for review, transcriptions or pod casting.
    • Collecting valuable sales and marketing data.
    • Recording of important conversations for later reference.
    • Complying with legal requirements.
    • Reducing the risk of liability.
    • Deterring nuisance and offensive calls.

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