4 Line USB Phone Recorder Korecall Voice Logger

4 Line USB Phone Recorder Korecall Voice Logger

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Price: Rs.9,000

Korecall 4 Port/Line USB Phone Recorder Voice Logger has required the PC and recorder software to stay equipped and communicating with the recorder via its USB connection. You can connects directly to a PC via the USB port. Very simple and easy installation.

Feature Highlights

• Powered by PC via the USB cable • Supports Recording of 4 Telephone Connections simultaneously
• Automatic Gain Control to ensure high voice clarity of all Calls
• Very High compression rate for audio files, 100 kb for 1 minute conversation, thus 10 GB records 1, 00,000 lacs minutes of recording.
• Record conversations directly to PC hard drive
• Record, copy, play back, email and delete conversations.
• Standard wav/mp3 format so the recorded file can be played through any media player
• Back-up facility to transfer recording to removable media (CD, DVD, Pendrive) or Network Drive.
• Records complete Call details, including all Incoming and Outgoing calls with Date, Time, Duration and Caller ID.
• Supports Windows XP/2000/2003/ Windows 7 / Windows 8

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