About Us

Launched in August 2004, SafetySecurityOnline is India's online safety and security products selling, which services over 1000 cities as against most offline retailers. SafetySecurityOnline now delivers close to 500 units to its customers every month. SafetySecurityOnline 's mission is to democratize safety & security prodcuts online in India. The different brands targets safety concerned population, in India. The target segment has a high level of security and safety awareness through TV, Internet and Movies and wants to protect their property and loved ones.

With a list of satisfied customers over 50 thousand, SafetySecurityOnline.com has created benchmarks in the online safety product industry.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad,Gujarat, India the company bears a strong foundation under the leadership of Mehul Shah. To know more about SafetySecurityOnline, please visit: www.SafetySecurityOnline.com