2 Line USB Phone Recorder Korecall Voice Logger

2 Line USB Phone Recorder Korecall Voice Logger

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• Recording of 2 Telephone 
• Audio Compression of Voice 
• Call Recording with Caller ID
• Improve your Business Efficiency
• Memorize conversation and Avoid Dispute


The System includes Hardware adapter and Software for recording 2 Telephone line. The software records all the calls automatically with Caller ID. Digital signal processing, automatic gain control and control of playback speed are used to improve voice intelligibility.


• Recording of 2 telephone line per PC.
• Automatic gain controlLine
• Detection of DTMF and Caller ID.
• High-quality digital recording.
• Local Configuration, playback and execution of queries via desktop application.
• Integrated web server for remote playback and queries over the network.
• Searching for record by number.
• Individual configuration for all channels.
• Audio compression of voice filters.
• Automatic recycling of old records.
• Digital filter for improvement of playback quality with noisy telephone line. Automatic gain of silent intervals.
• Integrated telephone directory.
• Adding notes of records.
• 1000 hours continuous recording uses 20 GB hard disk space.

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